Johnnie Walker & Sons Odyssey 750ml



Johnnie Walker Odyssey is a Whisky that belongs to Johnnie Walker family. It is classified as blended-scotch-whisky and is produced in Scotland. johnnie walker odyssey has 40% ABV (Alcohol By Volume). This whisky comes in 750 ml. Other whiskys in this family include Johnnie Walker Double BlackJohnnie Walker Black LabelJohnnie Walker Black Label 4.5 Litres King SizeJohnnie Walker Blue LabelJohnnie Walker Gold Label ReserveJohnnie Walker Green LabelJohnnie Walker Platinum LabelJohnnie Walker Red LabelJohnnie Walker Red Label 4.5 Litres King SizeKing George VJohnnie Walker 18 YearsJohnnie Walker X.R 21 YearsJohnnie Walker White Label Game Of ThronesJohnnie Walker Blenders Batch Red Rye Finish


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